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When it come to weather information of a country on a strange continent, as soon as you dig in the massive information online, your head starts to buzz.

Even working in travel industry, if a friend ask me “Should I go to Thailand in July” then I will find it difficult to give her a straight answer “Well, Thailand is a destination of perfect weather year round, depend on where you want to head to”

The ironic thing is: Best weather mean Peak season – Mass tourism – Fully booked accomodations – No airline promotion!

To be a bit helpful, let’s me show you my quick advice on timing, save the picture with the name of your dreaming destination and when you do your planning, seek for an airline just open the picture and you know when to take off. Best time to go doesn’t mean the best weather, it means the best balance out with all the conditions we – travellers normally concern when we make our plan.

And do remember, the world climate is changing, all the seasons swift back and forth and sometimes really unpredictable. So as a traveler, I believe we should not consider too much and plan too perfect

Let’s go!

Thailand destinations

And to wrap up, I would like to show you 1 fun fact on Thailand weather advice. Everywhere they said: Avoid Thailand in April, it’s very hot, it’s boiling…

BUT April is the festival season, the biggest fun one: Songkran (Water Festival)…So! You will be the one who make your choice when to go, Where to go!

Happy travellings my friends!

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