Tips you wish you knew before booking your accommodations in Bali

The best season to travel to Bali, Indonesia is close. May, June, and July are the three best months to spend time on the island. Let’s soak up the sun and enjoy the sand, plus getting around and get lost among the green.

Your critical question is always come down to “Making my choice between staying in Kuta and Seminyak”?

“Which island should I get away for a few night, Nusa Penida or Gilis”:

Bali might be a relatively small island but it is a multi-faceted place and planning your trip to Bali could take as effort as go to a country.

Since everybody is different and all tips and advises from other are just reference. We have put together this information table for you and it’s extremely easy to use. You can quickly make up your mind on where is the best places to stay in Bali for you and where you should research further to click and confirm your Hotel reservation.

Information Graphs

  1. Sanur: Best for families

Sanur - best places to stay in Bali

2. Seminyak: Young, Chic and relax

Semimyak - best places to stay in Bali

3. Kuta: Party, surf paradise & ready for the crowd

Kuta - best places to stay in Bali

4. Ubud: Of course you will stay in Ubud, who don’t

Ubud - best places to stay in Bali

5. Gili Islands: NO cars ! NO motorbikes ! NO worries. Fit for all

Consist of 3 small islands with 2 hours boat trip away. Come for some “get away from Bali”: Gili Trawangan, Gili Memo and Gili Air

Gili Island - best places to stay in Bali

6. Jambaran: Follow the great taste

Jambaran - best places to stay in Bali

7: Amed: Gear up and Dive down

Amed - best places to stay in Bali

8. Lovina: A calm paradise for couples and friends

9. Nusa Lembogan: Raw nature for the young at heart

A short boat trip from Bali: Nusa Pendina, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembogan are the 3 islands sharing great escape to a untouch and raw nature adventure

10: Canggu: Another quieter place to go

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